Serenity Cosmetic

Double Chin Fat Dissolve Injection

Double Chin bothers a lot of people and make you look older and heavier, it is called submental fullness, the treatment now available that target and reduce fat under the chin is an approved, easy and quick injectable treatment that can be done in 15-20minutes, it is an alternative and effective way to get rid of double chin without surgery. Many patients experience visible results after 2-3 sessions, during these sessions, the nurse will administer the product into the fat under the chin, up to 6 treatment sessions might be needed, sometimes 1 session would achieve the expectation, so everyone varies and have to book one face to face consultation to get better quote and treatment plan.

  1. Double Chin Injection: from $400/ session   ($1050/3 sessions)
  2. Fat Dissolve Body Treatment: $999/session ($2700/3 sessions)