Serenity Cosmetic

EPN Micro Needling

  1. EPN Microneedling (BCN/Mesoestetic): $300

3 Sessions- $750

Face,  Neck, Scalp, Stretch Marks

EPN combines automatic needling and electroporation technology for more effective product delivery. The needle creates fine perforations on the skin and maximises products absorption through momentary electrical stimulation. It can be used on various treatments for the scalp and face.

2. EPN Micro Needling+ PRP:  $650

3sessions- $1800

Face, Stretch Marks, Scalp

EPN Micro Needling combine with Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma which we use PRP tube contain a separating gel to separate plasma and platelets from the blood cells and produce PRP with a standardised composition

EPN Principles