Serenity Cosmetic

PDO threads

1 Mono Thread: $18

50 monos threads : $699

100 monos threads: $1299

PDO Lifting Threads: $3999

The threads are made of PDO suture material which has been used in surgery to close wounds for decades, it stimulate collagen production, elastin and hyaluronic acid, wherever in the skin they are placed that would result in firmer rejuvenated skin, this treatment is a really good skin tightening especially after trying some tightening devices for a few time and still feel like could not achieve your expectation, this treatment worth a try. The treatment needs to apply numbing anaesthetic cream 30mins prior to the procedure , most of time, you will notice some swelling, bruising , redness happening straight after, but this will subside and strictly follow our post care routine to fasten the recovery time. The threads will gradually degraded and absorbed by the body over 3-6months, the results are expected to last 12-24months but for Mono threads, we recommend to do 3 sessions to get better results.